New Virginia Loves Pollinators License Plate – Bees, butterflies, other pollinators flock to the same plants.

Charlottesville, August 2010 - Photo by Walt Kastenmayer

Charlottesville, August 12, 2010, Photo by Walt Kastenmayer

Instead of a butterfly garden, perhaps we need a “Pollinators Garden” in McIntire Park East!

Virginia license plate approved!
Two more days to “Bee” a founder:

Most pollinators throughout North America are trending downward in population; some are facing a drastic decline, and others are believed to have already gone extinct. The disappearance of Honey Bees CCD, or “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been widely known for years now, but native pollinators aren’t as well managed and documented as honey bees, so their numbers have been harder to study. When pollinators disappear, eco-systems and food chains collapse.

via Pollinators: Virginia gardener and bee lover launches Protect Pollinator license plate –

Free Skin Cancer Screening – Saturday, May 10 – It just might save your life as well as your skin!

Sun!If you love to be outside in this beautiful, sunny spring weather, please be aware that excess exposure to UV radiation can cause lasting damage which may lead to skin cancer.  Remember your sunblock, sunglasses, and hat!    Even when the weather is cool, you need sun protection.

UVa Health System, Primary Care, Dermatology is offering a FREE skin cancer screening on Saturday, May 10, 8 am to 12 pm –  Register 434-270-0901

 It just might  save your life!

The UV Index forecast for Friday, April 18, 2014 is: 6

Look for Ultraviolet (UV) Index descriptions on:

HIGH 6-7    Protection against sun damage is needed.
Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses,
use sunscreen SPF 30+ and wear a
long-sleeved shirt and pants when practical.
Reduce your exposure to the sun�s most
intense UV radiation by seeking shade
during midday hours.

Beachgoers should know that white sand and other bright surfaces reflect UV and can double UV exposure.

Support the Senior Center – May 6 – Give4Good – Greater Charlottesville

SUPPORT THE CENTER. EARN MATCHING FUNDS. AND DO IT ALL AT HOME IN YOUR PAJAMAS. NOW HOW EASY IS THAT? Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, May 6th, the Senior Center will be part of Give4Good – Greater Charlottesville. This is a one-day, online, community-wide giving day, designed to promote philanthropy in our region. If you make a donation to the Senior Center any time between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm, you will help the Center earn local and national matching funds and prizes. Your participation, at any level, also demonstrates what a vital community resource the Center is today and will be in the future. Learn more at

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New Ideas for McIntire Park – the Center of Our Charlottesville PLACE

A new park in the center of town? That is exactly what will happen soon when McIntire Park East becomes easily accessible with the completion of the McIntire Bridge and the 250/McIntire Rd Interchange.

Charlottesville’s McIntire Park may one day welcome not only skateboarders and visitors to a future botanical garden, but also residents commuting to work. A multi-use commuter path was one suggestion mulled by the PLACE Design Task Force at a meeting Thursday. …

Continue reading …  McIntire Park: A place to skate, walk and commute? ⋅ Charlottesville Tomorrow.


Coursera | Shaping the Way We Teach English, 1: The Landscape of English Language Teaching

Coursera Course LogoI was so happy to see this course and I signed up immediately!

Since I spend much of my week as a JABA FISH ESL Tutor/Mentor and as a Literacy Volunteer for an adult student who is learning English, I am sure this Coursera MOOC from the University of Oregon will help me discover new and effective techniques.

I will be posting reflections on this MOOC here.

Earth Day Presentation by Marlene A. Condon, author of “Nature-Friendly Garden” April 22, Harrisonburg


NFG-bookFriendly City Food Cooperative in Harrisonburg is sponsoring an Earth Day slide presentation by Marlene A. Condon, syndicated columnist for Bay Journal News Service and author/photographer of The Nature-friendly Garden: Creating a Backyard Haven for Plants, Wildlife, and People (published by Stackpole Books).

Have you ever wondered how the natural world survives on its own when your yard seems to suffer from an assortment of maladies that require your constant attention?  Condon, a lifelong naturalist, will explain in 45 minutes how wildlife can work for you!

Her presentation will take place on Tuesday, April 22, from 6 PM – 7 PM at Bella Luna’s Pizzas, 80 W. Water Street, Harrisonburg, VA (map).  The advance purchase of a $5.00 ticket can be used as a credit towards a meal at Bella Luna after the presentation.

Seating is limited so pre-registration is required.  Please contact Erin Shehane at or at (540) 801-8882.


Creating a Backyard Haven…”Many people approach gardening as a constant struggle against the outside world. They’re perpetually at war with nature, investing in chemical treatments to fight off mammals, birds, and insects in an effort to preserve their garden as a pristine, unspoiled patch of earth.  Marlene A. Condon proposes a radically different method of gardening: What if, instead of battling the natural world, we invite it into our yards?

via Nature-Friendly Garden by Marlene A. Condon.

Spring Is Here – City Market Is Back!

Winter seemed to last forever this year, so spring is especially welcome!  On Saturday we enjoyed a stroll on the Downtown Mall, a visit to the Charlottesville City Market where we were so happy to see Hobbit House Creations, lunch at Baggby’s, and more strolling in the beautiful weather.  The marathon finish-line events were packed with enthusiastic folks – runners and spectators alike.  Best of all, for us, the CAT bus ride to downtown is a mere five minutes. We <3 our Charlottesville PLACE!