Creativity and Kindergarten – Lessons for Lifelong Learning: Update

Creativity and Kindergarten – Lessons for Lifelong Learning has been one of my top posts since it first appeared last June.


When I first read the original post on Mark’s Weblog, I was pressed for time and simply quoted him in order to pass along the message.  I have reread it several times while thinking about a well-recognized conundrum: ALL children begin school eager to learn.  Why is it that so many young minds “drop out” of the lifelong learning process so early in their lives?

While visiting the SMART Kidd Zone, Mrs. Loretta Kidd‘s wonderful Kindergarten learning center at Jackson-Via Elementary School, I was amazed again at how joyfully, but also seriously, these young  learners take their mission to explore, question, and learn. Mrs. Eileen Butler, JV Art Lady, wrote about the SMART Kidd Zone and worked with students to create a new sign for the center last spring.  See Jump for the Stars! for more information.  Creativity truly blossoms in such an atmosphere!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all participate in such a center for the rest of our lives?

Because I am a  Senior Corps-RSVP volunteer in JABA FISH (Friends In School Helping) at Jackson- Via, I have the opportunity to practice lifelong learning with the pros – my friends in Kindergarten!  Wouldn’t you like to join us?