Wildflower Meadow in McIntire Park East

Charlottesville, August 12, 2010, Photo by Walt Kastenmayer
Looking forward to the butterflies – Hope the meadow and trail will open soon!

In reading the Charlottesville Tomorrow article, I was delighted to see that the Overall Park design for McIntire Park East includes a wildflower meadow with a trail loop.   Wonderful! In the years to come, our new meadow will attract many visitors – both tourists and residents.  Hope it is completed soon.

When is the last time you saw a meadow?

Not a field, but a meadow with wildflowers, butterflies, meadowlarks and a wide variety of grasses? When is the last time you saw a Queen Anne’s lace and when is the last time you saw a milkweed plant growing wild? If you’re like me, you have seen more folks that looked like Elvis than even a single, pristine meadow in Central Virginia. That’s because a thick grass called fescue has taken over our fields. It’s worse than kudzu on our trees and it’s a primary cause of a dramatic decline in the monarch butterfly population. Meadows, you see, host a wide variety of plants, birds and animals. Fescue fields do not.

Read complete article …  Outdoors: Meadows and butterflies in decline – The Daily Progress: Sports.

A Perfect Gift – Thank you, McIntire Botanical Garden!

❤ Thank you so much, MBG.

This beautiful bowl is perfect for holding my yarn as I transition from weaving the web to loom-knitting hats for those in need in the Charlottesville area!MBGRetirementGift
I am so pleased with the retirement gift recently presented to me by McIntire Botanical Garden in thanks for my five years of service as volunteer web designer/developer/content manager! This is a bowl fashioned by Frederick Williamson (fredwilliamson.com) from a fallen scarlet oak in McIntire Park East, future home of Charlottesville’s first botanical garden.

Below is a photo of the tree (turned into a work or art) surrounded by the daffodils that were planted by McIntire Botanical Garden: