Elderhostel has a new program name, but continuing emphasis on lifelong learning and travel

Elderhostel has been known since 1975 for adventures in lifelong learning. Now they have adopted a new name and logo to reflect the idea that you do not have to feel “old” to be included in the ranks of lifelong learners. hostelnew-thumb Lifelong learning begins at birth (and there is mounting evidence that it begins in the womb!) and continues throughout the lifetime of an individual. How nice!

The President’s Roundtable

Conversations on Lifelong Learning and Exploritas

I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to Exploritas, the new name for the exciting learning adventures created by Elderhostel. Even better, watch the video slide show of our participants from all over the world helping us reveal our new program name.
And welcome to my inaugural blog, the President’s Roundtable. Check back from time to time, because I’ll be sharing information on hot topics such as healthy aging and the benefits of intellectual stimulation and lifelong learning, and I’ll be inviting some special guests to contribute to the blog in coming months.
Exploritas is new, but the definition has been in the making since our first Elderhostel programs back in 1975.
Exploritas: Explore your mind and discover the world through authentic and thought-provoking adventures in learning.

How do you pronounce Exploritas? Just combine “explore” with “veritas,” the Latin word for truth, and you get Exploritas. Or turn up your speakers and click here to hear me say it.
Exploritas is new, but the engaging programs, the spirit, the fun and camaraderie are the same that millions of people have experienced over the last 34 years with Elderhostel. As a matter of fact, Elderhostel is still the name of our organization. We’re just launching a new name for our programs.
We’ve come a long way since our first New England catalog back in 1976, and Exploritas continues our tradition of providing innovative educational experiences.
Thank you for making Elderhostel the world’s not-for-profit leader in lifelong learning and educational travel. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, please feel free to send me an e-mail at comments@Exploritas.org.
We hope to see you on an Exploritas program soon!

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via Exploritas: The President’s Roundtable.