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I am a retired Instructor in Web Design and Development.  I served also as Judson College Webmaster in the very exciting early days of the Web. 

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*Community Involvement  –    I am a University of Virginia Hospital Auxiliary volunteer knitting to spread the warmth in Charlottesville through Knitting Together, and I am volunteering in the JABA-FISH  program as a Tutor/Mentor in a local elementary school.

*An Active & Healthy Lifestyle  –  I am focusing on nutrition and fitness for Healthy Aging. My favorite course during ten years of teaching at Judson College in Marion, Alabama, was BIO 204: Biochemical Nutrition, and a highlight each year was the Nutrition Dinner at the end of the course.

*Lifelong Learning  My Makerspace is my new Lifelong-Learning hobby.  I hope eventually to be able to design and print my own knitting looms. (This may take a while!)



Ruth Kastenmayer

*This is a personal blog – all opinions expressed are my own.

“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.”
– Japanese proverb

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7 Replies to “About RuthK”

  1. Hello, Ruth
    So nice to find someone from Cville! I wish that I had met you BEFORE the EDCMOOC began, oh, well! I love the background image of the Downtown Mall that you selected!

    1. Hi Laurie!
      Thanks! My husband took the picture, and it just seemed to work with this theme. We often have coffee at Baggby’s on Saturday mornings when the weather is nice, so this is part of our PLACE in Cville.

  2. Thanks very much, RuthK, for helping me find my place in Charlottesville! Great blog!

  3. Ruth, what a great blog! Thanks for putting the info about JABA on your blog! We like to let people know that our volunteer program is intergenerational – people of all ages volunteering to meet the needs of people of all ages. Love what you say about Jackson-Via. regards, Marguerite

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