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I am a retired Instructor in Web Design and Development.  I enjoyed serving as Judson College Webmaster in the very exciting early days of the Web. 

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*Community Involvement  –    I am a University of Virginia Hospital Auxiliary volunteer loom-knitting to spread the warmth in Charlottesville through Knitting Together

*An Active & Healthy Lifestyle  –  I am focusing on nutrition and fitness for Healthy Aging. My favorite course during ten years of teaching at Judson College in Marion, Alabama, was BIO 204: Biochemical Nutrition, and a highlight each year was the Nutrition Dinner at the end of the course.

*Lifelong Learning  My Makerspace is my new Lifelong-Learning hobby.  I hope eventually to be able to design and print my own knitting looms. (This may take a while!)



Ruth Kastenmayer

*This is a personal blog – all opinions expressed are my own.

“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.”
– Japanese proverb

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