Amazon Kindle – perfect for seniors!

I have to admit that I love tech gadgets and that is why I was drawn to the Kindle.  When I learned that I could order books from Amazon and have them almost instantly, I was sold.

However, I really worried that it would be difficult for me to read on a small hand-held device.   I found after about six months of use  that I prefer to read on the Kindle!  On a trip when I was forced to go back to paperbacks for a while I realized how much easier it is for me to read and (become completely absorbed in what I am reading)  on that small electronic screen.  Now I am really sold!

In a nutshell, the Kindle eBook Reader is reading made easy, comfortable and fun. Those who have actual experience with this marvel of a device will surely attest to that. It’s great in many ways and the e-book reader’s most underrated attribute must arguably be the quality of the display. The screen is such a boon to those of us who are struggling with old sightedness. For the first time in a long time, a great number of senior folks are reading more, faster and longer.

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The Kindle line is renowned for their breakthrough technology so the outstanding display of the Kindle 2 comes as no surprise. That’s also where the rubber hits the road insofar as reading is concerned and Amazon is well aware of it. Behind what appears on the screen are some very ingenious engineering and science to emulate the natural appearance and readability of the paper print culminating in the thoroughly paper-like display of the Kindle 2 today.

Many older readers are beset with eye strain from reading conventional print or the computer screen. Over time, they are resigned to fatigued eyes as part and parcel of reading. Nothing is further from the truth and the Electronic Ink Digital Display of the Amazon Kindle proves that. Kindle readers notice that tired eyes are a thing of the past even for those who indulge in prolonged or binge reading. For bi-focal or reading glass users, the effect will be all the more profound.

Although the maiden Kindle already had a pretty formidable display, Amazon never let up on their trademark cutting-edge technology. That’s basically how and why the Kindle 2 is able to boast an even crisper paper-like screen. Resolution, shade scale and image stability have all been greatly enhanced. In technical terms, the display is now powered by a 16-level gray scale with 167 pixels per inch resolution at 250 millisecond refresh rate upon electronic ink bubble and film technology.

Aesthetically, the Kindle is classy and stylish, yet modest. After all, the top design objective at Amazon was to make the Kindle disappear so you get ‘lost in your reading, not the technology’. The ergonomics are superb with the display centrally placed and occupying the best part of the real estate like a good video appliance should. The look and feel is so close to a real paperback that one could be caught absent-mindedly trying to dog-ear the Kindle.

Derived from a combo technology of Physics, Chemistry and Electronics in unison, the Amazon Kindle display is a godsend for hardcore readers. Above all the benefits and convenience it delivers, it has the welfare of your eyes in mind. You will never wear out your eyes with a Kindle. Whether you are a book lover, tech geek or gadget freak, you will love your Kindle and its super duper display. So will your eyes and that’s a guarantee.

via Amazon Kindle For E-Learners | More Books Reviews.