A lot of summer learning at a great price – A Plate of Shmoop with a Side of Mash-Up, Please

I love tech toys, but my favorite so far is my Kindle!  I have spent so much time with it that reading a paperback seems cumbersome to me.  I now have the Kindle software installed on my netbook, so for traveling I just need the netbook for web, email, and light reading. Perfect!

Read below about the new, very affordable “mashups.”

A Plate of Shmoop with a Side of Mash-Up, Please: Shmoop Offers More Than 100 Shmoop Classics Only for Amazon Kindle11:26 AM PDT, May 25, 2010

We continue to burn the midnight oil at Shmoop headquarters, arming you with more than 550 eBooks for Amazon Kindle, including more than 100 Shmoop Classics. What are Shmoop Classics, exactly? We’re so glad you asked. Shmoop Classics are a melodic blend of book and guide; they offer the complete original text of classic works of literature “mashed-up” with some rollicking Shmoop analysis. It’s like having a Sherpa as you climb up the Mount Everest of literature. Dive into one of our newest additions–The Autobiography of Ben Franklin–and wonder why the famous politician left so many details of his life out. Shmoop Classics are elusive Sherpas; they are exclusively available on Amazon Kindle.

For a taste, read Shmoop Classics take on Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

Burning the midnight oil can be grueling, and so we’ve added a bit of music to work by. Introducing Shmoop Music eBooks: guides that explore some of the most important songs of our time and of times gone by. Learn how to interpret that guitar solo in “Stairway to Heaven.” Unlock the poetry behind Bon Jovi’s key change in “Livin’ on a Prayer.” The possibilities are endless and our collection is growing by the minute. Music is a huge part of our culture, our history, and of how we make sense of ourselves. We hope to make connections like crazy.

Ellen Siminoff
CEO of Shmoop

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