Lifelong Learning – usually a joy and now filled with sadness

Orange Beach, November 2009

We are all learning so much these days – about oil drilling, mistakes, accidents, ocean currents, wildlife, ecology, remedies, etc., etc.  But how very sad it all is!

For many years Orange Beach, Alabama, has been a favorite vacation spot for our family. We are hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, in this unfolding tragedy.  Here is a live view of the beach a few miles from Orange Beach: Live WebCam – Pink Pony Pub, Gulf Shores, AL

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the Gulf Coast.

Below is an article by Carl Safina posted on CNN with lots to learn and lots to be sad about:

In some ways, a catastrophe of this magnitude could not have happened in a worse place. Or at a worse time of year.

We’re hearing a lot about the economic dislocation of thousands of Gulf fishers and their families — and rightly so. But the oil disaster is a much larger calamity than the Gulf itself. It’s not just a regional disaster. It has hemispheric implications.

The Gulf is a large region, but its natural importance is even more outsized, disproportionate to its area. The Gulf is the hourglass pinch-point for millions of migrating creatures that funnel into, breed in, migrate through and then fan out of it to populate an enormous area of the continents and coasts. Anything that affects living things inside the Gulf affects living things far outside it.

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