Which eReader to choose?

The opportunities for lifelong learning are endless these days!

I have written before about my Kindle – the one tech gadget that I can’t imagine being without.   I find that it truly “disappears” just as a hand-held paperback does when I am engrossed in a novel.  It is easy on the eyes, and just about any book is within easy reach.

But there is so much more to reading than novels. I am also attached to magazines and newspapers — which seem to be shrinking and vanishing at an alarming rate.  I did not find them as entertaining on my Kindle, but I am really pleased with my new iPad – not only for magazines and newspapers, but also surfing the Web, reading blogs, etc., etc. And, of course, all of my eBooks are also available in the Kindle iPad app.  Sooooo much better than sitting at a desk at a computer to explore the Web

My answer to which eReader to choose?  Now I have to say both – Kindle for novels and iPad for newspapers and magazines!