Get Your SUPERFOODS at the Charlottesville City Market

citymarket-08-09Notice how many of the superfoods in the ABC article can be found at our City Markets!

The lists of “superfoods” do not change very much from year to year, which leads me to believe  that including these foods in our diet is very important to feeling – and thinking – as well as possible as we move through the years.  As I learned recently in my UVa Coursera course, Know Thyself,” one way to  change yourself is to change your habits: Do good to be good.  Try adding these to your menu and enjoy both a visit to our iconic market and the meal you prepare afterwards!

Theres a food movement afoot: Eating well to look, feel, and perform our very best is hot. And as Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama alike are showing us, this isnt a matter of choking down foods because theyre good for you. Its about filling your plate with delicious fare.
via 10 Superfoods for Spring – ABC News.