Now I know why I hate cilantro! Which side of the family do you take after?

Dish of Tomato Red Onion and Coriander RelishFoodies sing the praises of cilantro, and it seems to turn up all the time in restaurant meals.  For years I have thought that it must be an acquired taste and that if I just kept eating it, I would soon, if not actually begin to like it, at least not dislike it so much.  Now I see that I might as well give up.  I will always HATE cilantro – and probably never be able to qualify as a foodie.   I guess that I might as well give up on the German cookies with coriander that my grandmother loved and that always tasted like soap to me!

The next time you argue with a friend about the whiff of cilantro in your stir-fry that he finds disgusting­­, blame his genes.

via Genetics can determine why we smell certain odors differently, studies find – The Washington Post.