Simple changes for a good new year -The Architecture of Resilience | Dorrie K. Fontaine

It is not too late for New Year’s resolutions! The suggestions in the article quoted below are so simple and so easy for all ages.  This blog constitutes my reflective writing and helps me stay focused on what I consider most important in my life.  It has changed a great deal over the last five years, and I expect that to continue as the years progress.

Practice mindfulness and compassion and you’ll engage in resilient behaviors. Practice being patient, being kind, being in the moment; practice tuning in and connecting with others and you’ll prime and strengthen cognitive circuitry that reinforce such ways of being. Just as exercise and weight training benefits your muscles, your brains neuroplasticity — its ability to be malleable – allows us to develop new healthy habits through practice.

Dorrie K. Fontaine is dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Virginia, where Susan Bauer-Wu, the Kluge Professor in Contemplative End-of-Life Care, teaches and directs the Compassionate Care Initiative. David Germano, the director of U.Va.’s Tibet Center and SHANTI, is a professor of religious studies. Bauer-Wu, Fontaine and Germano are members of the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center directorate.

via The Architecture of Resilience | Dorrie K. Fontaine.

We are very fortunate to have these folks and programs right here in Charlottesville!