Do you remember Velati’s candy store in DC?


Velati’s is now back in the DC area in Silver Spring, MD – .

Here is my old post from Jun 26, 2009:

The Original Velati’s sugary caramels (more like fudge) along with chewy caramels are still being hand-crafted in Maidens, VA!

Washington, DC store
Old store in Washington, DC

Those who remember the candy from shopping trips in downtown Washington in the 50’s and 60’s will enjoy  visiting Maidens to “taste a piece of the past.”  Visitors interested in travel and history will enjoy tasting this unique European style candy.

If you miss the turn onto Maiden’s Loop (as we did),  you will soon come upon the Cafe at Maidens.  The friendly folks there welcomed us and told us how to get to the candy factory.  While you are there, you might want to sample their excellent sandwiches or box lunches.

The caramel company started in Richmond, Virginia, prior to the Civil War.  later the company moved to 690 9th Street, N.W., in Washington, DC.  The store was located there for over 116 years and became a Washington tradition.

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  1. I remember Velatis in the 30’s . Also when the building of Metro forced the store on 9th St. to close. That is when Woodies bought the right to sell the candy. After Woodies closed I never knew what happened to my beloved candy. I saw the ad in the Wash. Post and have ordered from the Silver Spg shoppe for my son, daughter and granddauhter. All are most pleasantly surprised. I suppose it is good that I do not live in Rockville anymore, for I am sure a trip to SS weekly would cause me to weigh over 300 lbs. Thank you Velatis and the Post.

  2. I remember Velati’s caranels as the ultimate candy treat in my pre-teena and teens in Washington (1930-1940). Not very long ago, I saw an ad for them from a store on the EAstern Shore, and ordered some. My palate cannot be THAT changed, over the years. I missed the Washington Post article. Perhaps someone can tell me about it and recreate my youth!

  3. When I was a child, my godmother brought us a pound of assorted Velati’s every Christmas. The anticipation and enjoyment of this annual treat is a fond memory for me and all my brothers and sisters.

    1. I had forgotten the name of the candy, but when I saw the ad in the Washington Post, all the memories came flooding back! I was in DC for high school and college, and it was very popular then.

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