Scratch is AWESOME! Jackson-Via Computer Club is off to a running start.

ScratchWe had  such a fun and enthusiastic first meeting of our after-school JV Computer Club yesterday! In this meeting we began by reviewing the Scratch community guidelines, and then our eleven members chose their Scratch names: jvtoucan, jvkingrex, jvcool-j, jvpackersjvsoccer, jvlighteningstrike, jvbre, jvstar, jvbaseball, jvmonkey, and jvkittie.

We explored the Scratch interface. We learned how to put a sprite on the stage and how to move it around.  The students had some free time to start designing their own programs with a “Show and Tell” giving rise to much laughter and enthusiasm.  We are all looking forward to next week!

Our thanks to

  • JV Librarian, Jennifer Dixon, for giving our Scratch Lab a comfortable home in the JV Library;
  • JV ITRT, James Daly, for his patience, advice, and support;
  • JV Student,jvcool-j, for serving as our Scratch Lab Assistant.

Bonnie Yoder, Nancy Lambert, and Ruth Kastenmayer – October 7, 2014