Why Women Stopped Coding | Seems odd to me, but probably true!

jvcc10-27-14_8I was very interested in the NPR article quoted below because it answers a question I have long pondered: Why aren’t there  more female programmers?

During my 10 years as an IT professional, I never played computer games for very long. Why? Because there were so many things that I could learn about and build, so playing games seemed just a waste of time  – and it still seems that way to me now even though I keep reading that playing computer games is good for the aging brain!.  But to be sure, the vast majority of men in the field during my professional years were very involved in gaming and according to the article had learned valuable skills in their youth doing just that.

In our after-school Jackson-Via Computer Club we are going to introduce remixing of Scratch games to our members (seven boys and four girls in 3rd and 4th grades) and watch what happens.  Will all members be as enthusiastic about learning to build games?

Modern computer science is dominated by men. But it hasn’t always been this way.

A lot of computing pioneers — the people who programmed the first digital computers — were women. And for decades, the number of women studying computer science was growing faster than the number of men. But in 1984, something changed.

via When Women Stopped Coding : Planet Money : NPR.