JABA Volunteer Opportunities for April 2015

Want to get involved in our community?  JABA has some great opportunities for you:

  • JABA’s Ethics Committee is looking for individuals with a variety of experience and backgrounds such as social worker, attorney, clergy or caregiver to long term care recipient, medical, geriatrics, home care aide, and/or training in ethical issues to fill several member positions. Commitment is 2 hours/month. All are invited to apply!
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor. The ability to drive = freedom, especially in our region of rural integrity. However, many older adults reluctantly forfeit that piece of their independence as their vision declines and reaction times slow. Would you be willing to provide rides for seniors to a doctor or grocery store? Current transportation needs in Nelson, Greene, Gum Springs, Scottsville.

Contact Carleigh at cshowalter@jabacares.org to learn more about these and many more JABA volunteer opportunities.