An Unplanned Day

An unplanned day is UNTHINKABLE!

I love to plan. I know that even as a child I enjoyed planning. Our military family living in Germany as part of the American occupation after the 2nd World War had access to libraries stocked with a treasure of books in English giving us lots of ideas. We also had AFN radio, and Let’s Pretend was a favorite show for all of my friends . So many of our own “let’s pretend” play involved laying out imaginary neighborhoods, houses, rooms, patios, gardens. There are no limits to the imagination, but my mind always seemed to turn to planning the perfect setting, the perfect situation, the perfect costume.

Planning for a new day …

Moving around the world as an Army wife also involved a lot of planning, and that was one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much. I have never spent a lot of time thinking about the past when the future is always so interesting. I learned as a teacher that for some courses, I enjoyed the planning a lot more than the actual teaching. (I am happy to say that I also loved TEACHING most of my courses over the years.) My Myers-Briggs personality type is strongly INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging), which means that although I enjoy starting a new project and all the planning involved, the part I most enjoy is finishing the project successfully — good for the employer because I am often driven to complete tasks as quickly and as perfectly as possible.

Now that brings me back to why for me, an unplanned day is not possible. I know many given this subject will mention leisure and serendipity, etc., when one has nothing that must be done. I DO include in my plans fun time to meet with friends, time for reading novels, or knitting while streaming Amazon videos, but anything that interrupts my planned day IS an interruption that I would probably rather avoid. . I think I was born that way!

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