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  • Time to start pulling the garlic mustard!

    This is an invasive weed now appearing in the Charlottesville area.The best method of control is pulling before seeds form, bagging securely, and disposing as garbage.

  • A time for planting the seeds …

    Come and take a look! I am so happy to be back as a Botanical Garden of the Piedmont volunteer. We are planting the seeds for a magnificent public garden for all of Charlottesville. Stop in for a visit and see all the progress that has been made so far. If you are looking for […]

  • When mother nature gives you fallen trees …

    I was so happy to come upon this whimsical face on the root ball left at the trail head at the end of Smithfield Road in Albemarle County. What a creative way to bring a smile to a hiker’s face!

  • Botanical Garden of the Piedmont

    I am so pleased to be volunteering again for the Botanical Garden of the Piedmont in Charlottesville’s McIntire Park! What a beautiful place to visit now and a wonderful legacy for future generations! In 2008 when I learned about the dream for a garden for all in the heart of Charlottesville, I knew that I […]

  • Success!

    I was so pleased to snap my first pics of the Monarch caterpillars now appearing live in my pollinator garden. Thanks to Kay and Edwin Poole for all their wise counsel!

  • A shrinking space …

    Who knew there was a moth (Hemaris thysbe) that looks like a minute hummingbird?

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