An Active and Healthy Lifestyle

HEALTHY - City Market Rainbow
HEALTHY – City Market Rainbow

Nutrition: Put a Rainbow on Your Plate

There is increasing evidence that WHAT we eat and HOW MUCH we move can make a big difference – not just in how good we feel, but indeed in how well we think!

Learn more about the SCIENCE of nutrition – free MOOCs from edX

Eat SMART every day!

… Here, we show you what roughly 2,000 calories looks like at some large chains. (Depending on age and gender, most adults should eat between 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day.)  Keep Reading:

myplate_green_150Choose My Plate helps consumers build healthier diets with resources and tools for dietary assessment, nutrition education, and other user-friendly nutrition information.

SuperTrackerSuperTracker can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.: My foods. My fitness. My health

  • Get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan.
  • Track your foods and physical activities to see how they stack up.
  • Get tips and support to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead.

Some Menu Ideas

Grab Your Rainbow at the Charlottesville City Market

Charlottesville City MarketCombine outdoor exercise with socialization and an emphasis on a colorful (lots of fruits & veggies) diet.  Watch for cooking demos, farm tours, and more offered by Market Central.

Activity: Keep Moving!

exerciseYou don’t need to buy special clothes or belong to a gym to become more active. Physical activity can and should be part of your everyday life. Find things you like to do. Go for brisk walks. Ride a bike. Dance. Work around the house. Garden. Climb stairs. Swim. Rake leaves. Try different kinds of activities that keep you moving. Look for new ways to build physical activity into your daily routine. –National Institute on Aging

Local Resources:

  • Charlottesville T’ai Chi Center

     T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan) is a martial art characterized by soft, slow flowing movements of the torso and arms coordinated with weight shifts and steps.
    It emphasizes relaxation, and is a form of meditation in motion. The benefits of T’ai Chi Ch’uan include improved balance, muscle tone and stress reduction.

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Lifelong Learning

❤  SCHOOL COMPUTER CLUBS FISH Friends in School Helping 

Charlottesville Courses  |  Free Online Courses

University of Virginia

  •  U.Va. School of Continuing and Professional Studies – Personal Enrichment. Evening, personal enrichment noncredit courses offer an accessible and affordable way to experience the University’s learning environment, without tests and grades. Just learning for the sake of learning.
  • U.Va. Flash Seminars – One time mini-classes that seek to bring together faculty, students, and community members in small, informal settings to explore ideas and issues outside the formal classroom.
  • U.Va. OpenGrounds – OpenGrounds generates new ideas that will make a difference, connecting people and inspiring action across boundaries within and beyond the University.
  • U.Va. Library – Community Patrons – Visitors are welcome to Library buildings for research and study during regular operating hours.
  • Engaging the Mind U.Va. Community Outreach