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  • Is There a Crisis in Computer-Science Education?

    Is There a Crisis in Computer-Science Education?

    I was fortunate in being able to learn Commodore Basic programming along with my children who were in grade school in the 70s.  When the Web arrived in the 90s, I took one look at HTML and javascript and thought immediately, “This looks like fun!” —  the rest is history. I hope that our schools will add computer coding back […]

  • Why wait until high school? Grade/middle school students love coding!

     High school students are all about computers but get little instruction in computer science Their lives swirl in technology, but the nation’s high school students spend little time studying the computer science that is the basis of it all. Few are taught to write lines of code, and few take classes that delve into the […]

  • Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    Hour of Code at Khan Academy Everyone should have a job that feels more like a hobby!  I have really