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  • Learning Creative Learning – MIT Media Lab #LCL17

    As a senior (of a certain age, as they used to say) and Scratch enthusiast, I am so excited to be enrolled in this community. I will be posting my experiences and thoughts here. Stay tuned! Join a community of educators, designers, and tinkerers exploring how to support creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and […]

  • Creativity and Kindergarten – Lessons for Lifelong Learning: Update

    Creativity and Kindergarten – Lessons for Lifelong Learning has been one of my top posts since it first appeared last June. When I first read the original post on Mark’s Weblog, I was pressed for time and simply quoted him in order to pass along the message.  I have reread it several times while thinking […]

  • Creativity and Kindergarten – Lessons for Lifelong Learning

    Kindergarten used to be about play and stories and friends and sharing. More recently, it is about doing worksheets and preparing to take tests – i.e. it is becoming more like school. Maybe this is bad. Why can’t school be more like Kindergarten instead? Of course the next question I would like to pose, is […]