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  • How True! – Lucky Is A Lie

    How True! – Lucky Is A Lie

    I agree!  I was “lucky” when we bought a Commodore 64 computer for our middle-school son and we both started learning BASIC programming.  I was “lucky” that I was in Marion, Alabama, when the Internet arrived and Judson College needed a webmaster. He was “lucky” to get a job as a software engineer, but what […]

  • My favorite MOOC so far – Scratch Programming from edX

    My favorite MOOC so far – Scratch Programming from edX

    I feel like a real CS First “Guru” more than ever now! Our after-school Computer Club is exploring Scratch and Google CS First this year, so I was quick to sign up for the edX Scratch Programming course. I really enjoyed the workout this course gave my brain, but what impressed me the most were the parallels between this college […]

  • Never too late to learn – Looking forward to Scratch Programing course from #edX

    After teaching an introductory course in computer programming with Java a few years ago, I am expecting that using Scratch will allow the concepts of computer coding to shine through without the annoyance of typing in the code in a text editor.  I think this edX course will be so much fun – and maybe I will […]