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  • Concept B | Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

    Concept B keeps the east side of McIntire Park open for ALL to enjoy! Who wouldn’t love a plan that would give us our own “Central Park” open to all for family picnics, nature-related recreation, environmental education, and so much more? Please don’t let this opportunity slip away! Let your views be known by sending […]

  • A Chance To Learn More About Our Charlottesville Community

    BECOME INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY Applications are being accepted for the following boards and commissions appointed by City Council: • Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Transportation (CHART) Plan Citizen Advisory Committee • Community Development Block Grant Task Force • Planning Commission DEADLINE September 30th • Regional Disability Service Board • Rivanna Solid Waste and Advisory Committee For an […]

  • Preservation or progress? A chance to take part in the discussions

    So many of are are transfixed watching the disaster unfold in the Gulf of Mexico. So much to worry about!  The loss of wildlife, ruining of the beaches,  damage to the the tourism and fishing industries,  and now we are hearing about the plight of workers who are suffering loss of wages from the halt […]