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  • Coursera Learning Hubs: Global Participation, Local Access and Support!

    What a great idea for Charlottesville!  I am sure that there are many in our community who are not able to participate in MOOC experiences because they lack the equipment and/or bandwidth at home. Also, many seniors may be unwilling to risk feeling foolish in giving this new learning opportunity a try on their own.…

  • My Digital Artifact for #edcmooc

    I chose Tagul to create word clouds from my weekly posts about the eLearning and Digital Cultures course offered on Coursera by the University of Edinburgh in January 2013.

  • Looking forward to #edcmooc

    I am really looking forward to E-learning and Digital Cultures, my first Coursera course from the University of Edinburgh! I know I will learn a lot from others around the world, and I will be blogging here about my experiences in this new MOOC cyberworld.

  • MOOCs number 4 and 5 – More brain training for “Know Thyself”

    I have found a new hobby! Continuing on in Coursera for my fourth and fifth MOOCs, I  have registered for two courses starting the end of this month from the University of Edinburgh – Introduction to Philosophy and E-Learning and Digital Cultures.  All this in preparation for Know Thyself, a  Coursera course by UVa Philosophy…