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  • City planners are increasingly aware of health benefits of clean, living landscapes.

    I am pleased to see all the new initiatives from the City of Charlottesville that will encourage all of us to get engaged! Today, the design buzzwords are all about connectivity, linear parks and “complete streets”— with shared space for walking, biking and ready access to transit. Urban planners are working hard to invert the […]

  • PLACEMAKING – the Charlottesville Downtown Mall is an important “third place”

    … “What you’re seeing is further evidence of the demand to live in more urban, walkable, transit-friendly communities,” said Stewart Schwartz, director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth. “A big part of this is place-making — creating vibrant, interesting places where people can see each other and be seen. They’re what urbanists call third places. […]

  • Online learning for seniors? Yes!

    As I read the paper this morning I was reminded of my success with a “blended” online course several years ago.  I had taught Biochemical Nutrition, a course for pre-nursing students, for about eight years before I tried the blended approach.  BIO 204 was a three-semester-hour course, but for the blended course the students came […]