5 Tips for Lifelong Learning

Some very good suggestions from Matt. Consider volunteering in our schools. In doing so, you will become a mentor for students and inspire them to become lifelong learners themselves!

Noticed this last night while paging through a magazine Success, August 2009, and thought I’d pass it along.
1 Seek out a mentor – look for someone who exemplifies the lifestyle that you admire and wish to emulate and plan to adapt some of his or her strategies for success.
2 Accept constructive criticism – When someone offers you a suggestion for improvement or reveals holes in your plans, don’t get defensive. Evaluate the input and be grateful for the alternate point of view.
3 Enroll in continuing education – Whether building skills for your industry or your hobby, taking a class can broaden your mind, help prepare you for new endeavors and remind you that you don’t know it all.
4 Join a community -Find a community of people who represent your direction and goals. Join their regular meetings and forums.
5 Ask questions – Even if you’re the boss, don’t be afraid to admit that you still have some things to learn.

Via Matt’s Notes