Our First Lifelong-Learning Resource – Remember the Library?

As a military child moving to a new community every few years, I valued the family trips to the local library as one of the the pleasures that I could count on no matter where we lived. Even in Germany in 1950, we visited the library provided by the US DoD for the families moving there as part of the American occupation. At every library we received a warm welcome and friendly assistance in exploring the wonders within.

The good news is that we still have libraries, and they are better than ever! Jackie Lichtman, Web/Marketing Librarian for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, sent the following message in answer to my request for information about programs and activities that might be especially interesting to seniors.

Seniors will find lots of interesting things to do at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.  Most branches have a book discussion group.  And the Central Library and Greene County Libraries both have free film series once a month.  Check  jmrl.org/adults for the many programs available.

For book groups, the libraries online catalog has links to a number of valuable webpages:  Readers’ Corner has links to Book Award lists,  Book Reviews, many Book Lists and book events in our community.   The webpage for Book Groups —  has information about forming a book group, selecting titles, discussion questions and  more.

Use the online catalog to place books on hold, create a list of books you want to read, set up a reading history and find  a list of the newest books  received in the library.

A library card will give you access to the Library’s online databases. These contain thousands of magazine and newspaper articles in addition to information on health, genealogy, Standard and Poors information, and more.

Questions?  Call the Reference Desk  979-7151 ext 4

And be sure to check out the JMRL’s list of Senior Citizen Information Links!  As always, the library is welcoming, friendly, helpful – and lots of fun!

“I cannot live without books” – Thomas Jefferson