So VERY important! Be sure to VOTE today!


Your vote will make a difference.

Got your hat & sunblock? The UV Index forecast for Wednesday, April 20, 2016 is: 8

The UV Index Query for City: CHARLOTTESVILLE (Charlottesville City), VA


Look for Ultraviolet (UV) Index descriptions on:  …

VERY HIGH   8-10        Protection against sun damage is needed.
If you need to be outside during midday hours
between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., take steps to
reduce sun exposure.  A shirt, hat and
sunscreen are a must, and be sure you
seek shade.
Beachgoers should know that white sand
and other bright surfaces reflect UV
and can double UV exposure.


UVa Free Skin Cancer screening coming in May.
 Click HERE for more information or to make an appointment.

Soup for Seniors – through January 18 – please help!


I voted in the City of Charlottesville. Please remember to cast your ballot today!

One of the most important things every citizen can do is to vote.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where our voices are heard.  Please remember to cast your ballot today!

Classroom Blogging Prepares Kids for the 21st Century

Jordan: First let me say that I really enjoyed reading your book, especially the emphasis you put on writing. You argue: “The central virtue of a liberal education is that it teaches you how to write, and writing makes you think.” I appreciated that you didn’t just emphasize the importance of writing as a technical skill, a workplace proficiency. Instead, you are arguing for the importance of well-structured articulation.

via Here’s Why Nothing Prepares You For The 21st Century Like A Liberal Arts Education – Forbes.

Writing does make kids think and reinforces learning in all subjects, so I fully support efforts like classroom blogging that get kids writing (and thinking) just for the fun of it! Jackson-Via Computer Club

International Neighbors | WHY CHARLOTTESVILLE?

INCharlottesvilleWhy Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is one of only 22 cities in the United States where the International Rescue Committee is located. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the International Rescue Committee ( responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping people to survive and to rebuild their lives.  Since 1998, Charlottesville has become home to almost 2000 refugees from more than twenty-five countries. …

via International Neighbors | WHY CHARLOTTESVILLE?

A perfect Saturday morning

So happy our PLACE is Charlottesville

A beautiful sunny day! We caught the CAT for a walk on the Downtown Mall and a  trip to the Charlottesville City Market where we bought our colorful summer vegetables at the Medina Farm stand. We headed to Baggby’s Sandwich Shop to cool off and enjoy a  cup of coffee, and then caught the bus to go back home.  We feel so active, healthy, and engaged – and fortunate to live in Cville!

Why eat a rainbow? Daily Progress has the answer!


❤ Shop at the Charlottesville City Market for colorful locally grown fruits, vegetables, and greens.

Finally, two antioxidant plant pigments, lutein and zeaxanthin, are found in very colorful produce. Shop for deep green, yellow, blue, red, purple and orange fruits and vegetables such as kale, spinach, collard greens, turnip and beet greens; broccoli; red, yellow and orange bell peppers, ruby red cherries, tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries; beets, purple cabbage and plums; blueberries; and carrots and sweet potatoes.

via Vital Signs: Healthy food can be important tool in quest to preserve good eyesight – The Daily Progress: Lifestyles.

Interested in Healthy Eating?

Healthy Eating in a Beautiful Space on the Corner

We enjoyed a perfect lunch at Roots Natural Kitchen on Saturday, June 13 – Excellent food, friendly folks, a beautiful atmosphere; all combined with a mission to keep us healthy and support the UVa Children’s Hospital.


UVa Today: U.Va. Grads’ New Corner Restaurant Serves Healthy Food With a Mission (