New daily Amtrak service to Washington, DC

This is going to be a great opportunity for us in the Charlottesville area to visit DC and come back the same day. Union Station is just a short distance from the museums and art galleries, so this new Amtrak service should make lifelong-learning field trips to our nation’s capital especially easy.

New daily Amtrak service to Washington, DC – starts Thursday, October 1st, 8:49 AM

Inaugural Run Event in Charlottesville at 2:15 PM on Wednesday, September 30th (Amtrak Station on W Main St)

Starting October 1st, there will be a new regular Amtrak service from Lynchburg that departs Charlottesville at 8:49 AM and enters Union Station at 11:20 AM.  The train is on the Northeast Regional Line, which means you can travel all the way to New York or Boston without every changing trains!

The day before, there is an inaugural run event that stops in Charlottesville at 2:15 PM to pick up Gov. Tim Kaine who will ride to Lynchburg.  Visit for more information on train schedules and fairs.

Via Vince Caristo,
Executive Director, Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation (ACCT)