More a snarl of threads than a web at the moment, but I am learning!

The recent announcement of upgrades to Facebook pages has sent me back to a puzzle  that I started to attempt to solve some time ago.  From my first Web presence in 1995 my “brand” has been RuthK, and for many years I have had a personal website at  Because I needed a place to experiment with hosted WordPress implementations, I started as a professional site.

I have increasingly come to realize the power of social networking and for a while was satisfied with Twitter@ruthknet.  I always wanted to be a “page” AND a person on Facebook, and it seems that this is now possible.  Thus my new Fb page RuthK and my new Twitter account

This blog, Live & Learn!, is my personal blog,  intended especially for seniors in the Charlottesville area.

I still have lots of unsnarling to do, but I am making progress.  In the meantime, I regret any confusion that this has caused. — Sure seemed simpler in the DOS WHOAMI days!