Going Back in Time with the Wayback Machine for #edcmooc

computerbooksI love new things and I am characteristically looking toward the future (as my last post would indicate),  so my journey this week through old websites of mine through the Wayback Machine was very unusual.  This all began when I started thinking about “my place in cyberspace” while preparing for blogging about my experiences in E-learning and Digital Cultures.

I started learning HTML in late 1995 and by early 1996 was happily engaged in creating and publishing webpages.  Of course I have boxes of disks with  backups from my years of involvement in the Judson-WebTeam , but I did not know that so much was still online.  In many ways, the Wayback Machine seems like just another box of keepsakes – but  so much easier to find!


The earliest Judson College page that I have found so far is from November 1996, but now that I have begun, I intend to keep searching so that I can truly find myself in cyberspace!