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  • Climate Change and Health – My latest MOOC Endeavor

    I recently enrolled in Climate Change and Health, a free MOOC from iversity, which is part of Springer Nature. The first lecturer is Rainer Sauerborn , the lead author of the health chapter of the recent assessment report of the IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change). I am enjoying getting connected with the world again […]

  • Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 2 Reflections

    Week 2 is devoted to Projects, and we were asked to focus on learning through making, and to reflect on the creative process through the Creative Learning Spiral. Coding was introduced  as a new form of fluency and self-expression, and we were invited to start making projects by using #scratch to animate our name. I have […]

  • Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 1 Reflections

    We are off to a great start with introductions from participants across the globe.  It is wonderful to meet so many people from so many countries who share the same interests and enthusiasms. The activity this week that interested me the most was “Childhood Objects.”  We were asked to describe something that affected the way […]

  • Learning Creative Learning – MIT Media Lab #LCL17

    As a senior (of a certain age, as they used to say) and Scratch enthusiast, I am so excited to be enrolled in this community. I will be posting my experiences and thoughts here. Stay tuned! Join a community of educators, designers, and tinkerers exploring how to support creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and […]

  • My favorite MOOC so far – Scratch Programming from edX

    My favorite MOOC so far – Scratch Programming from edX

    I feel like a real CS First “Guru” more than ever now! Our after-school Computer Club is exploring Scratch and Google CS First this year, so I was quick to sign up for the edX Scratch Programming course. I really enjoyed the workout this course gave my brain, but what impressed me the most were the parallels between this college […]

  • Coursera / Growing Old Around the Globe – What age is “old” ???

    Coursera / Growing Old Around the Globe – What age is “old” ???

    Growing Old Around the Globe University of Pennsylvania We all start aging the moment that we are born! I am enjoying the interesting perspectives on what “old” means from folks around the world. There is still time to sign up for this free Coursera course.