The day of reckoning has arrived and – I choose … both! #edcmooc #introphil

computerbooksMy two Coursera MOOCs from the University of Edinburgh, Introduction to Philosophy and E-Learning and Digital Cultures, are now open, and they are BOTH fascinating.

I never intended to sign up for two courses at the same time, but I was simply unable to choose once I had read the course descriptions.  I was searching for a philosophy course to get ready for Know Thyself, the UVa course that I will be taking in March, when I happened to see the other.  Now that I have looked at both courses, I know that I am hooked for the duration!  I have already learned that jumping between them will not work for me, so I am intending to work on the courses on alternate days to try to keep things straight as I work around my normal activities for the week. I plan to post my comments on edcmooc here by the end of each week.