Week 3 – Know Thyself | Maybe I am smarter than I thought!

 I feel more intelligent – Thanks Gilbert Ryle!

know3 I have aways known that I am much better at learning how to do things such as speak a new language or write a computer program or solve a physical science problem than I ever am at memorizing a lot of facts or dates. As a student, I am pretty good at cramming a bunch of facts for a while and promptly forgetting them when the test is over, but while that might produce good grades, it hardly seems like  intelligent behavior for lifelong learning.

I have learned this week that Ryle suggested that knowing how might be more important than knowing what.  Sounds good to me!

Want to enjoy meditating, relaxing, thinking, and learning?  There is still time to sign up and join us in this adventure: www.coursera.org/course/knowthyself

This is the third of my weekly reflections on Coursera/ Know Thyself by UVa Professor Mitch Green.