Week 7 – Know Thyself | OF COURSE chocolate is good for you

know7I have to admit that I love chocolate!

As Professor Green was talking about confirmation bias, I kept thinking of my friends’ jokes about my knack of finding all available reports of health benefits for things that I especially like – especially chocolate.

When I was a teenager, foods such as chocolate and peanuts were thought to be the main cause of “zits” and were to be avoided at all costs.  Coffee, as mentioned in the lectures this week also had a bad name for a while, but now, as I am happy to find, it also is noted for beneficial effects.

You can count on me with my acknowledged confirmation bias to keep posting about all the health benefits of  things that I like!  Just stay tuned …

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This is the seventh of my weekly reflections on Coursera/ Know Thyself by UVa Professor Mitch Green.