Week 9 – Know Thyself | Maybe dementia has no “self” to steal

know9Today I am fine, and I will enjoy this moment!

If we have no “selves” to lose, perhaps living in the present rather than dwelling on the past or trying to predict the future is the simplest way to deal with the fear of eventually losing our memory links.   I have read recently that every time we remember something, our brain makes small edits so that the memory gradually changes over the years.  As the years go by, maybe the selves we think we are become mere fiction.

I have chosen to post a weekly reflection for Know Thyself, which will serve as a permanent record of my thoughts during the ten weeks of this course so that I will have something to keep when the very interesting lectures and discussions fade from memory after the course closes.

The Web has given us new tools for preserving the past.  In preparing for this course I thought over my life and accomplishments in order to start my journey towards knowing myself a little better.  In  trying to reconstruct my years as an early  Webmaster, I discovered that my webpages (probably because they were on a .edu website) were preserved starting in 1996 and are available on the Wayback Machine.  I have started writing a history of my Webmaster years from 1995-2004 and intend to go back from time to time to see what else I can discover.  The Web is surely a lot better than my brain at keeping exact copies!

Want to enjoy meditating, relaxing, thinking, and learning?  There is still time to sign up and join us in this adventure: www.coursera.org/course/knowthyself

This is the ninth of my weekly reflections on Coursera/ Know Thyself by UVa Professor Mitch Green.