About Open in MOOC

I agree! I am writing a weekly reflection during the course of each MOOC in order to focus my thoughts at the time and remember them when the course is closed. I am using the category MOOC Storytelling for these posts because they are more often my reactions rather than course assignments or projects.


kerkdeur“Open in the sense that all of the work gets done in areas that make the work accessible for people to read and reflect and make comment on.

The course is open in the sense that you can go ahead and take the course without paying for it
you might pay for getting credit from the institution, but you are not paying for participating in the course.

It’s also open in the sense that the work done in the course is shared between all the people taking it. The material put together by the facilitators, the work done by the participants it’s all negotiated in the open. You get to keep your work and everyone else gets to learn from it.” (Steve Mackenzie in http://learnadoodledastic.blogspot.nl/2013/04/are-you-participating-in-mooc-or.html citing Dave Cormier)

This third point is one of the reasons why I try to store comments and work in this blog, even if I…

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