Coursera / Social Psychology: Week 1 – Social Perceptions and Misperceptions

SocPSI-1Week 1 Reflection

A very interesting start to this, my latest MOOC adventure!  This week’s lectures and readings were similar to some of the psychology topics in the UVa  Know Thyself Coursera MOOC that I found so fascinating.  I found the lecture: Thin Slices: Social Judgments in the Blink of an Eye,  especially compelling because I am always making snap decisions and then wondering later what convinced me to do so.   I enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, referred to in the lecture, as it seems to explain why I am almost always very pleased with my snap judgements.  Prof Plous mentioned that it is possible that emotion precedes cognition, making snap judgements true more often than not.  My first thought after watching the last lecture was that I am SO glad that I no longer need to go through job interviews.  But it is very encouraging that people CAN learn how to make a better first impression and that this MOOC will help them.