For the Masses: U.Va. Offering 11 MOOCs This Academic Year

literacyKnow Thyself this spring was a great experience. This year’s offerings from UVa Coursera make it hard to choose!  I am sure they will all be very rewarding, both for those who decide simply to audit and for those who earn certificates.  See you there?

Fewer than 20 University of Virginia students may snare a classroom seat in English professor Bruce Holsinger’s new “Historical Fictions” seminar this fall. Holsinger hopes, however, that the online version of the class will draw thousands of students from around the world to interact with his seminar students and to dive into the genre and craft of historical fiction.

via For the Masses: U.Va. Offering 11 MOOCs This Academic Year | UVA Today.

Remember that there is a Charlottesville Coursera Meetup group for those interested.