Coursera / Social Psychology: WEEK 5: Conflict, Peacemaking, Intervention | “Blessed be the peacemakers”

SocPSI-5Week 5 Reflection

We need more peacemakers on the Web.  I have been appalled at some of the catty personal Web postings from people that I thought I knew pretty well both in person and through their professional posts on the Web.  At times there seems to be a competition for the most snark, as if that makes people more entertaining or clever.  I have always known that some people build themselves up by tearing others down, but those are the very people that I try to avoid. Why would I want to find these unpleasant people on the Web?

I agree wholeheartedly with  Ronny Edry  that we should use this wonderful interactive Web for positive communications!  It does not surprise me that he is a graphic designer.  One of the true joys of being an IT professional is that we know that we can count on a whole world of people across the globe who are more than happy to help us if we are stuck on how to do something.

Let’s all take the third side!