I’ve got my kids. Better get yours before they are all gone! | Volunteer with JABA FISH

applebookI have started meeting with seven bright and eager ELL (English Language Learner) students as a JABA FISH volunteer at Jackson-Via Elementary School.  “My” kids this year are from Nepal, Mexico, Somalia, Egypt, and Congo.  Do I know all their languages?  No, but I do read, write, and speak English, and that is what they need practice in.

This is absolutely the most rewarding volunteer activity that I have ever been involved in.   I am learning more from the students than they learn from me, so I have to list this post under Lifelong Learning as well as Community Involvement.  I get lots of exercise walking up and down the stairs and around the school building, so it also qualifies for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle as well.  How about that?  All three of my main topics in one fun activity!

fish-newlogo2 (1)Won’t you join us?  There are so many kids in our public schools who would really appreciate a helping hand!  For more information about FISH contact fish@jabacares.org.

Volunteers are the heart of  JABA. Whatever your age, you can find a fulfilling volunteer opportunity through JABA’s Volunteer Services.