Coursera / Social Psychology: WEEK 6: A Happy End to the Course

SocPSI-6Week 6 Reflection

I am really sorry that this course is over!  It has been the very best of the MOOCs that I have taken, and I will really miss relaxing and watching the very entertaining, surprising, and informative video lectures.  The readings and all of the “extras” were very special as well.

I am leaving this course feeling that I really do understand a lot about myself and the world around me, but I will always be eager to learn more.

After the final readings and lectures, I am very pleased with my decision to spend even more time as a tutor/mentor for children who are recent arrivals just learning about life in the US and how to speak English. These ELL kids will become very valuable citizens in our very small, interconnected world, and I am so glad that they are here.  The time I spend with them makes me happy!

Thank you, Professor Plous, Coursera, and all the helpers that made this course possible!