Searching for Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama? Find it on the WayBack Machine!

I realized recently that the website had outlived it usefulness, so I took it down and mapped the domain to this WordPress blog.  In addition to hosting websites for several non-profit organizations,  the web space hosted some Judson WebCenter websites that had been located on the old server before the makeover in 2005.

Though most of the non-profits have gone on to new and better websites, there were several that have been  relatively unchanged in the last ten years and are of historical significance.

logo_wayback_210x77I was delighted to discover that the Judson College website had been archived by since 1997. and are also archived on the WayBack Machine, so I am gathering links to pages of interest so that the material is more easily found.  Lots more to come!

If you are looking for the remarkable Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama, you will find it here: