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  • Prompt: Living in the South

    To begin, I want to emphasize that I do not consider Charlottesville to be in the “South” any more than I consider Washington, DC, a southern city. Even though it is not a large city, the City of Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia, is truly cosmopolitan. As one ventures farther from the city, […]

  • Exciting news about the Wayback Machine!

    If our early webpages for Judson College (home.judson.edu) in Marion, Alabama, look  “home-made,” it’s because they were!  We had such fun learning how to make them and such excitement every time we published a new page to the web. Thanks, Internet Archive, for saving these memories and adding the keyword search! For the last 15 years, […]

  • Searching for Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama? Find it on the WayBack Machine!

    I realized recently that the ruthk.net website had outlived it usefulness, so I took it down and mapped the domain to this WordPress blog.  In addition to hosting websites for several non-profit organizations,  the ruthk.net web space hosted some Judson WebCenter websites that had been located on the old home.judson.edu server before the makeover in […]