JABA Volunteer Opportunities – March Update

JABA1) Use your skills and find your passion helping to lead, train, recruit, and manage volunteers! JABA’s FISH Leadership Team, a tutor-mentor program in Public Schools, is looking for individuals to join a dynamic leadership team in Fluvanna and Louisa. Also looking for individuals with experience in Marketing, Human Resources, and Community Development to help facilitate and expand the program.

2) The Shining Star Preschool in JABA’s main facility is looking for energetic, compassionate, organized and reliable volunteers to support the preschool staff. Lead or assist with educational activities including art, music, dance, games, cooking and special events! Desired qualities include friendly, patient, and good listener. Experience working with children and a good sense of humor is a plus!

3) Builders and Construction workers needed! Are you looking for an opportunity to donate your time and expertise to a nonprofit? JABA has two small building projects pending in need of a dedicated volunteer and donated lumber. Help build a ramp for an electric chair to accommodate clients with special needs or build shelves for the Mary-Williams Community Center to maximize the center’s storage space.

For more information please contact Leanne Probst at 434-817-5272, lprobst@jabacares.org.

via JABA Services March Update.