JABA Volunteer Opportunities – April 2014


  1. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer driver? We are looking for committed individuals to drive clients to regular medical appointments. There are a couple of immediate, long term needs.
  2. You will be hooked when you hear about the FISH Leadership Team. Use your skills and find your passion for making a difference by joining a small group of volunteers to facilitate the FISH tutor-mentor program in your local Public Schools through JABA. Needs are in Fluvanna, Louisa, and Albemarle/Charlottesville.
  3. JABA’s Community Centers in Louisa and Nelson counties are looking for people that would like to lead activities. They are in need of enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their hobbies and expertise in flower arranging, extreme couponing, exercise classes, internet and computer lessons, crafting and needlework and music.

For more information please contact Leanne Probst at 434-817-5272, lprobst@jabacares.org.

via JABA Services April Update.