Happy 50th Birthday, #BASIC – You were my inspiration!

Judson WebTeam, 1996

Judson WebTeam in 1996
Judson WebTeam in 1996

I first met BASIC in the early 1980s when our new family Commodore 64 came with Introduction to BASIC, Part I.  Wow – a machine that I could talk to, that would respond, and that loved logic as much as I did!  I was truly hooked, and when the Internet arrived in the early 1990s, I took one look at HTML, and knew that I was born to be a Webmaster . The rest is history.  Thanks BASIC!

As part of the anniversary celebration, Dartmouth officials are asking individuals to reminisce about their experiences with Basic in an online guestbook. The memories shared so far speak both to the language’s humble beginnings in the basement of an austere college building and to the careers that it helped inspire.

via Dartmouth Pops the Champagne as Basic Programming Language Turns 50 – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education.