We are again enjoying Scratch coding at Jackson-Via

jvcc10-27-14_8Our first spring 2015 after-school Computer Club meeting on Monday was a huge success.  We have some new enthusiasts joining a number of “old” members so we have a good environment for sharing and collaboration.  We are very happy to have this opportunity for joint inquiry, experimentation, and play!

An interesting article from Harvard Magazine:

The call to reexamine what teachers teach can bring renewed discussions of how. With tools like augmented reality, games, and coding, it’s possible to imagine a model of schooling that departs from its behaviorist past—creating a Ludic Education for a Ludic Age, promoting inquiry, collaboration, experimentation, and play. In this vision, teachers and students are partners in a joint venture. They open up the Teaching Machine to peer into its guts and gears—tinkering, failing, and trying again, to see what they can make of it together. The machines can return education to what it’s always been: a project that’s intrinsically human.

via Teaching with technology, for a new generation | Harvard Magazine Mar-Apr 2015.