My New Makerspace

Following a long-standing habit of remaking myself every few years, I have renamed my former “Teaching/Learning & Technology” blog “Ruthk’s Makerspace,” and started off in a new direction.

Made in Scratch!

For the past few years I have been devoting  time at the elementary school where I volunteer as a tutor/mentor to help teachers and school administrators make and maintain their own classroom blogs and websites.  I have gone as far as I could with that project, and  now I am going to use this found time to learn 3D drawing and printing techniques to create some custom knitting looms for my other hobby, Knitting Together Cville.  I am just getting started, and this will take a while.  Don’t hold your breath!

I am hoping that in the future I might be offered the opportunity to help some of the kids learn about 3D printing .  I just read some advice on choosing a hobby that said to make sure before you start that it is something you can accomplish.  If kids can do it, I should be able to learn, right?   Well, as I said, don’t hold your breath.