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  • Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 2 Reflections

    Week 2 is devoted to Projects, and we were asked to focus on learning through making, and to reflect on the creative process through the Creative Learning Spiral. Coding was introduced  as a new form of fluency and self-expression, and we were invited to start making projects by using #scratch to animate our name. I have […]

  • Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 1 Reflections

    We are off to a great start with introductions from participants across the globe.  It is wonderful to meet so many people from so many countries who share the same interests and enthusiasms. The activity this week that interested me the most was “Childhood Objects.”  We were asked to describe something that affected the way […]

  • Learning Creative Learning – MIT Media Lab #LCL17

    As a senior (of a certain age, as they used to say) and Scratch enthusiast, I am so excited to be enrolled in this community. I will be posting my experiences and thoughts here. Stay tuned! Join a community of educators, designers, and tinkerers exploring how to support creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and […]

  • My New Makerspace

    Following a long-standing habit of remaking myself every few years, I have renamed my former “Teaching/Learning & Technology” blog “Ruthk’s Makerspace,” and started off in a new direction. For the past few years I have been devoting  time at the elementary school where I volunteer as a tutor/mentor to help teachers and school administrators make […]

  • We should be the experts – why are YOU a lifelong learner?

    I read this post this morning with a link through Twitter.  We who are still lifelong learners in our retirement years should be the experts here!  Here is your chance to let teachers know why lifelong learning is important to YOU: Today I got to thinking….We encourage our kids to be life-long learners. And when […]

  • Lifelong Learning – One way to keep your memory sharp

    I was marveling this week at the plethora of memory building books displayed in the bookstore.  It sure looks like a hot topic!  Here are some ideas from Harvard Health Publications: 7 ways to keep your memory sharp at any age As we grow older, we all start to notice some changes in our ability […]